The Open Ulmus Mission

We aim to empower the world through online open education.

Open Ulmus is an OpenCollective sustained project allowing for public production and sharing of knowledge. Open Ulmus is powered by ELMS:LN and utilizes open source projects to help improve the quality and availability of education and training on a global scale. Interested? Reach out or read more about our project on this website, OpenCollective, GitHub, or Slack!

Open Ulmus helps open source communities spread knowledge by offering a space to build trainings available to anyone with the ELMS:LN platform that is open to anyone. Groups that build courses within Open Ulmus can offer training at tiered and free prices -- with a portion funds generated by students sent back to these groups to support their endeavors.


Through contributions, donations, and sponsorship, you can help OpenUlmus and the great concept of Open Education and Open Learning grow. Your donations directly support continued enhancements, documentation, more components for cool-tools like ELMS:LN, and (soon) even Office Hours.

Open Ulmus Courses

The below courses are coming soon to Open Ulmus

Open Ulmus | An ELMS:LN Project

The ELMS:LN Project pulls together a suite of interconnected tools to provide a seamless educational learning experience. With gradebooks, course tracks, individual courses, and other great tools.

Open Ulmus is a Platform-as-a-Service offering of ELMS:LN made so anyone has space to build their own trainings, courses, and learning networks using the Freeware model of tiered and free prices.

Open Ulmus Team

Mark Milutinovic

Charles Leverington

Gus Austin

Bryan Ollendyke

Katrina Wehr

Dave Fusco

Michael Collins

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